Size Matters Perfect Fit Nipple Pumps

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A sexy way to give yourself fuller erect nipples by use of a double bulb pump. This enlarger has an added unique feature: four graduated O-rings to place over the nipples to keep them standing at attention for extended sessions. Simply place the desired size ring over the open end of the pump prior to pumping fit the pump over the nipple then pump away to your desired size. Slide the best suited ring over your now erect nipple down to the base of the nipple. Now stand back and admire those perfectly perky tips.

Two differently sized pumps are included for a custom fit to any nipple. Pumps are 2.63 in. long. Large pump opening has 0.53 in. inner diameter. Small pump opening has 0.35 in. inner diameter. O-Rings range from 0.33 to 0.54 in. inner diameter. Package includes a total of 8 rings and 2 pumps.

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